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International Consignments

The principal direction in the GreenTrans Company activities are international cargo consignments between countries in the CIS, Baltic region, Western, Central and Eastern Europe in strict compliance with international CMR, TIR and ADR regulations and conventions. We enjoy both wide geography of cargo transportation and really big possibilities: we are ready to deliver cargo in volumes varying between 1 cubic meter within collective cargo transportation and hundreds of tons through arrangement of an out-of-gauge cargo transportation.

We are ready to offer a wide range of services in transportation of varying cargoes (collective, out-of-gauge, dangerous cargoes as well as cargo with special temperature control) by our own or engaged road vehicles. With our long lasting experience of productive cooperation and established long-term partner relations with the largest air, sea, railroad and road forwarders, we have developed optimal variants of cargo transportation, including combined schemes. The GreenTrans Group Company will undertake all issues related to transportation process arrangement, with a guarantee of high quality of its services and associated servicing.

Consolidation, customs clearing, cargo insurance, warehouse services, and forwarding services – the entire package of our services provided allows satisfying the most demanding customers.

We use motor vehicles of different types – curtain-sided, all-steel and refrigerator trucks. The effective volume of our transport vehicles varies between 86 and 120 cubic meters.

The GreenTrans Group Company has its own fleet of modern goods-carrying vehicles in EURO-3, EURO-4, EURO-5 categories that comply with all international regulations and environmental safety standards. All trucks are equipped with mobile communication means and a satellite vehicle tracking system which helps provide our customers with information on their goods location at any time by phone or via email.

Vast experience, high professionalism, and knowledge of international laws help us ensure safe cargo delivery within the shortest times and at reasonable prices.

Collective cargo

The GreenTrans Group Company carries out collective cargo at most advantageous rates. Мы offer services of collective cargo delivery to any location within the CIS and Baltic states, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, regardless of warehouse availability in the district, directly door-to-door. Delivery of small goods batches consolidated with cargoes from other suppliers in one container or by one vehicle allows minimizing transport expenses.

Out-of-gauge cargo

Out-of-gauge cargo delivery is a hard and demanding job that can only be done by professionals.

The GreenTrans Group Company offers you ready solutions in such types of cargo transportation as out-of-gauge cargo delivery.

The service package includes: out-of-gauge cargo delivery, development of a complex delivery scheme, route agreement for out-of-gauge cargoes, receiving permits, selection of specialized vehicles, etc.

Within out-of-gauge cargo delivery, the GreenTrans Group Company offers the following services:

• industrial equipment delivery

• agricultural machinery delivery

• road-building machinery delivery

• boiler equipment delivery

• reservoir delivery for food industry

• press equipment delivery

• drilling rig delivery

• out-of-gauge reservoir delivery for refineries

• assembled production line delivery.

Dangerous cargo (ADR)

The GreenTrans Group Company carries out international dangerous cargo deliveries in categories 2, 3, 4.1, 4.3, 5, 6.1, 8, and 9.

In our operations, we follow common regulations and safety rules, inter-government agreements and international conventions, in particular, the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

Transportation of cargo with special temperature control

The GreenTrans Group Company provides services in transporting goods that require special storage conditions and maintaining a required temperature control.

We will agree the required temperature conditions with you to provide the best cargo preservation according to international requirements to transportation of perishable and chemical products.

Within the transportation of goods that require special storage conditions and special temperature control, the GreenTrans Group Company offers the following services:

  • Cargo delivery by refrigerators in refrigerated, heated or frozen conditions
  • Cargo delivery by refrigerator vans
  • Fruit, vegetable and preserve delivery
  • Dairy product delivery
  • Meat and meat product delivery
  • Fish and sea product delivery


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