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Customs services

The GreenTrans Group Company offers its customers services in customs clearing in EU countries: completion of paperwork and preparing cargoes for transportation in accordance with the customs regulations required. Well-functioning interaction scheme allows us carry out your cargo customs clearing with confidence and high quality within the shortest times possible. Close contacts between the experts from the GreenTrans Group Company and our partners abroad help us maintain a failure-free mechanism of your cargo processing and delivery from and to any point of the world.

The GreenTrans Group Company offers its customers customs clearing services in all countries of the European Union and in Russia:

  • customs clearing of goods exports and import and импорта through Atlas/NCTS system;
  • e-declaration of goods to/from third countries;
  • completion of transport paperwork, TIR carnets, CMR;
  • completion of customs declarations;
  • traceability records;
  • good batch systematization by commodity codes, weights and costs;
  • professional assistance in cargo customs clearing;
  • assistance and consultations when required


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